Case adjournment

Counsel should refrain from attending court merely to ask for adjournment so as to enable a more senior colleague to handle the matter

Madu v. Okeke [1998] 5 NWLR (Pt. 548) 159 at 164, per Tobi, JCA (as he then was and now of blessed memory):

“…it is now a fashion for younger counsel to ask for adjournment on the ground that a more senior colleague would like to do the matter “personally”. Frankly, I do not know what this is all about…”

Blogger’s Note:

Unfortunately, this is still the trend till date. Some experienced principals lack the confidence to allow younger associates to conduct the matter themselves. On the other hand, some younger associates are too timid and afraid to take responsibility and handle these matters. It could also be a delay tactics employed by some lawyers. More so, some principals send these younger colleagues to court out of respect instead of writing letter for adjournment. Nevertheless, it is better to write a letter for adjournment than send a younger associate (like a mail courier) to simply appear and ask for an adjournment.
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