Case file

It is unethical for counsel to appear in court without the relevant case file



Madu v. Okeke [1998] 5 NWLR (Pt. 548) 159 at 164 per Tobi, JCA (as he then was and now of blessed memory):


“…it is like a carpenter going to his workshop without the relevant wood. As the carpenter cannot carry out his function of carpentry, so also will the advocate not be able to carry out his function of advocacy. That is bad, very bad indeed.”

Blogger’s Note:

Where a counsel realises that for any reason he is not in court with the relevant case file, he may possibly reach a prior agreement with the other counsel to have the matter stood down to enable him get the file or make copies of relevant processes in the possession of the opposing counsel.
Be that as it may, failure to come to court with the relevant case file does not present counsel involved in good light.
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