Religious leaders and followers

On duty on religious leaders to protect their followers and treat them humanely

Ezeugo v. State [2013] 9 NWLR (Pt. 1360) 508 at 570 paras. B-C, per Jauro, JCA:

“Before I draw the curtain, I must by way of parenthesis observe that the facts of this case are so miserable, sordid, and morbid, reflecting the moral decay of the age in which we live. The appellant, a religious leader, instead of protecting and guiding his followers, has turned round, brutalising them, setting them ablaze, roasting an innocent soul to death and offering them stone when they desire bread and scorpion when they demand fish. It is indeed sad and unfortunate.”

Blogger’s Note:

At the other end, followers should learn to stop following blindly!
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