NYSC Corp members

On need for the NYSC Authorities to take welfare of corp members seriously

Corporal Nicholas Okoh v. Nigerian Army [2013] 1 NWLR (Pt. 1334) 16 at 35-36, paras. G-B, per Okoro, JCA:

“Before I end this judgment I wish to observe that this incident [of rape] would not have occurred if the Army Authorities which the prosecutrix was posted to serve her National Youth Service Corps programme had given her accommodation. She was left at the mercy of people like the appellant who has no value for the sanctity of the human person. Miss *** may not be the only female corper who has suffered this kind of molestation in this country. Some may not have reported. But they are there… I call on the NYSC Authorities to take the welfare of Corpers seriously especially as regards their accommodation wherever they are posted. With regard to female corpers, the call is more apt…”

Blogger’s Note:

Recent reports shows that it is still doubtful if the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) authorities have hearken to the call of taking the welfare of corp members seriously. Some reportedly died at camp clinic due to one ailment or the other such as diarrhoea. Many also meet their untimely deaths during electoral violence like the one we saw in 2011. It is actually a serious question whether NYSC scheme is still useful as graduates are beginning to have a rethink.
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