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Notable pronouncement on the administration of justice – Pats-Acholonu, JSC

Nuhu v. Ogele [2003] 18 NWLR (Pt. 852) 251 at 272, paras D-E, per Pats-Acholonu, JSC (of blessed memory):

“In the administration of justice it is important to note that justice, though intangible, was worshipped by the Romans as  goddess. The symbol of woman holding the scale of balance represents justice and in order to get through justice, it is only fair and in accordance with the end of justice, that its administration should not be seen as in a cloak which the light cannot penetrate.”

Blogger’s Note:

Read our earlier report of what transpired in the above case here.

The image of the woman, i.e., Lady Justice (Justitia) is one of the commonest symbols of justice personified. While the scale symbolises the balancing of the case of either sides, the blindfold signifies impartiality. The courts are often mindful of what is known as the imaginary scale of justice in deciding cases. The sword is a symbol of authority/power to meet the ends of justice. It is often double-edged, which represents objectivity. You may read the article, Views From The Cathedral:  Blindfolds, Color-Blindness And Other  Problems With Justice’s Visual Acuity.

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