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Stephen Legal Blog© presents law students with Notes on various subjects to freely assist with the mastery of legal principles.

These Notes would be of immense benefit to students as legal principles are aptly presented for better grasp of the topics.

To navigate through the Notes, simply click on the drop-down menu under Law Students Section and then click on any particular subject. (Currently available is Introduction to Nigerian Law of Contract (Part 1). The page would be updated  as time progresses.)

Students must be warned, however, that the Notes are not substitute for standard texts on a given subject or an alternative to class lectures and interactive sessions which have proven overtime to be of immense benefit, as complex legal issues are better dissected on those platforms. Thorough study is the hallmark of scholarliness.


The Notes therefore aid in streamlining the topics for easier digestion and for preparation during exams. Students are advised to use these Notes while incorporating further ideas and specific judicial authorities cited by their tutors in order to bring them perfectly in line with class works for a successful outing ultimately.

Students are at liberty to use the instant message icon on the page to communicate any question for clarification on a given issue of law when necessary.

Thank you for using the Notes, Stephen Legal Companion, and success on your studies.

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