Legal mail

Legal Mail: Introducing efficient communication means between lawyers and the courts.

The Nigerian judiciary has taken a giant stride in providing a simple, fast and efficient communication means between lawyers and the courts.

The Judiciary, under the auspices of National Judicial Council, initiated a campaign to design a case management software for our courts and a legal mail for all lawyers in Nigeria. The project has put in place the case management software and legal mail for Judges and Lawyers.

The project is uniquely designed to meet justice sector needs in Nigeria. It enables the Nigerian Judiciary to improve its justice system by automating court processes, effecting service of processes and supporting case/court management through the use of real-time data and analytics. It also strengthens the accessibility and integrity of the justice system by enabling lawyers to interface electronically with judicial bodies and services.


  • Professionalism/Credibility
  • Ease of access
  • Cost effective
  • Timely delivery anywhere in the world
  • Secured and trusted
  • Less risk of spam and other malwares
  • Collaboration between Courts and lawyers

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