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Stephen Legal Blog© presents Share and be Relieved being an avenue for members of the public to freely share any problem, question or issue requiring a legal perspective. It is a cliché that problem shared is problem half solved. With this, we hope that people will find relief, both mental and physical, from stress accompanying various kinds of issues. It is our belief that peace of mind is sacred!

Furthermore, inspired by the genuine concern to advance the course of justice and assist those in need of legal aid, Share and be Relieved is a platform that also assists the indigent to possibly meet with those that are willing and capable to render pro bono (that is, free) legal services.

Relief from stress



I. First Stage of Relief

  • (a) Post a concise and comprehensive narrative of the issue using the instant message icon on the bottom right of the site. OR
  • (b) Comment on any post shared on the Blog, giving a concise and comprehensive narrative of the issue.

II. Second Stage of Relief

  • You will receive free opinion(s) on the narrative.

III. Final Stage of Relief

  • Take a decision.

Rest and be thankful

 Share that problem with us today and be relieved…

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